TDF Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry

Channel or river flow calculation, suitable for a variety of water quality
● River and lake
● Urban sewage
● Industrial waste water
● Irrigation water

TDF acoustic Doppler velocity instrument point by ultrasonic Doppler principle to measure the mean velocity and depth of canals, measured using static pressure method, according to the canal section automatically calculate the canal flow.

● Ultrasonic Doppler measurement technology, accurate measurement of characteristic velocity;
● Integrated pressure sensor can directly measure the depth of water;
● Meter can provide a way to isolate the RS232 digital interface and isolated RS485 digital interface, support standard Modbus ASCII and Modbus RTU protocol;
● Support two languages: Chinese and English;
● Relay output programmable: any relay can be set to high alarm, low alarm, timer mode;
● With a history of automatic data storage, storage, query 10 years of historical data.

Current speed
● Measurement range: 0.02~5m/s
● Accuracy: reading 2%±1cm/s
● Resolution: 0.001m/s
● Sensor: 0℃ ~60℃
● Transmitter: -10℃ ~55℃
● Reliability: MTBF≥25000h
Working environment
● Water depth: not less than 0.05m
● Relative humidity: less than 95% measurement points and transducer distance: 5cm~20cm
● Digital interface: RS485/MODBUS protocol
Power supply
● AC power supply: 85~265VAC,50Hz/60Hz
● DC power supply: DC 12V,Allowable fluctuation±15%

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