TMF Thermal Mass Flowmeter

● Water and sewage treatment
Air flow rate and so on

Theutility model relates to a thermal gas mass flowmeter, which is different fromother gas flowmeters, pressure and temperature corrections are not required todirectly measure the mass flow rate of the gas. A sensor can range from verylow to high range. Take away the heat absorption gas molecules move the impactof thermal resistance, the greater the flow, the more molecules contact thermalresistance, more heat absorption, heat absorption and a number of gas molecules,the thermal properties and flow characteristics.

● No pressure temperature compensation, direct measurement of gas mass flow;
● High range (greater than 100:1);
● A flowmeter can take into account the small flow and large flow, especially for large diameter measurement;
● Leak detection and equipment can complete the process piping;
● Construction is very small, due to the use of plug-in structure, only need to open a M20 * 1.5 holes in the pipeline;
● With cut-off ball valve, easy maintenance;
● Intelligent flow totalizer supporting;
● On site operation, automatic data storage system, preset fault feedback;
● Fast response, high precision;
● Base type instrument can be displayed on the spot and alarm control;
● High sensitivity, especially suitable for flow measurement in large diameter and low velocity.

Measurement performance
● Measurement range: Current Speed 0~60m/s Standard status as 20℃, 101.33KPa
● Accuracy: reading ±1% or ±0.5%FS
● Repeatability: ±0.2%
● Stability: 0.1%
● Temperature coefficient: 0.05%/℃
● Pressure effect: can be ignored
● Response speed: 1s
● Flow output: isolation 4~20mA, maximum load 750Ω
Power supply
● AC power supply: 85~265VAC,50Hz/60Hz
● DC power supply: 24VDC±10%
Physical properties
● Applicable caliber: Φ15~Φ3000mm Standard status as 为20℃, 101.33KPa
● Applicable medium: stainless steel compatible with the gas (H2, O2, including acetylene gas)
● Connection mode: M20×1.5
● Straight pipe: upstream 10D, downstream 5D
Environment performance
● Protection level: IP67(transmitter) IP68(sensor)
● Explosion proof grade: Exd II CT4

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