TLD Electromagnetic Flowmeter

● Water and sewage treatment
Inlet pipe, outlet pipe, sludge line, etc.

Theprinciple of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagneticinduction. Namely: the conductive liquid as the motion of cutting magneticlines in a magnetic field, the magnetic field perpendicular to the velocityvector and the vector direction will produce electromotive force, inducedelectromotive force is directly proportional to the flow rate after treatmentafter operation, measurement of instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

● 4 electrode measurement system: measuring electrode, reference electrode, air traffic control electrode;
● Measurement of the pipe without moving parts, no pressure loss;
● The measurement results are independent of physical parameters such as density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity (not less than 5μs/cm)
● For two-way measurement system, built in three calculators: total forward, reverse the total amount and the difference between the total;
● It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;
● Unique anti-interference filter circuit and arithmetic processor, output stability;
● The reaction speed is fast, and the measuring range can be set in multiple stages;
● High integration of the converter with a variety of functions, including fault alarm and self-diagnosis, small signal removal and other functions;
● Pulse output pulse width adjustable;
● Grounding electrode, grounding ring and lightning arrester;
● Rich and vivid LCD display a large amount of information, can display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, meter measurement system should have the ability to prevent vibration and electromagnetic interference;
● Optional HART, RS485 (MODBUS), PROFIBUS DP and other communications.

Measurement performance
● Nominal diameter: DN10~DN3000
● Measurement range: 0~10m/s
● Accuracy: ±0.5%FS
● Repeatability: 0.1%
● Calibration: factory calibration
● Display: LCD liquid crystal display
● Damping time: 0.5~60 seconds (optional to increase the amount of 1 second)
● Calibration: calibration of zero and range using standard signal sources.
● Power off protection: when the power is off, the parameter settings are stored in the memory which is not easy to lose until power is restored to normal. Current output: 0mA DC, digit output: OFF, LCD display: no display
● Digital communication: RS485、RS232
● Pulse output: output pulse up to 5000cp/s pulse equivalent to 0.001L~1.0m3/cp pulse width is automatically set to 20ms or square wave
● Communication output: HART protocol
Power supply
● AC power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50Hz
● DC power supply: 24VDC±10%
Physical properties
● Housing: aluminum alloy
● Coating: acrylic resin coating, blue grey
● Electrode material: molybdenum containing stainless steel; Hastelloy alloy B (HB); Hastelloy C (HC); titanium (Ti); tantalum (Ta); platinum iridium alloy; stainless steel coated tungsten carbide
● Lining material: Neoprene; polyurethane rubber; polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE); poly (ethylene propylene) (F46)
● Connection: flange connection
● Nominal pressure: DN10~80:4.0MPa; DN100~150:1.6MPa;
● DN200~1000:1.0MPa, 0.6MPa; DN1200~2000:0.6MPa (above for default pressure, other specifications and standards can be provided by the user requirements)
Environment performance
● Protection level: transmitter: IP67 sensor: IP68
● Temperature: transmitter: -10℃ ~40℃ sensor: -25℃~60℃
● Relative humidity: 0~85%

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