TUF Open Channel Flowmeter

● Water and sewage treatment
Water inlet, outlet, etc.

Instrumentcontrol probe transmitting and receiving ultrasound. Convert to liquid level(unit: m). Then check the water level - flow meter, the liquid level into theflow (unit can be: L / s, or cubic meters / hour).

● Non-contact measurement
The sensor is not contact with the fluid and is free from corrosion and fouling of the sewage. The sensor is the ABS shell sealing structure, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, in the humid environment in the long-term reliable operation.
● Directly measuring the flow surface
The liquid level sensor directly measuring the flow of the water, don’t use water well, can prevent the use of water wells, suspended matter in sewage, such as silt plug connecting pipes, wells and water hydrostatic weir groove is inconsistent, or because of the winter freeze, the formation of false level, resulting in flow measurement error.
● Wide adaptability
Through the keyboard to set the instrument parameters, with a variety of weir trough with. In order to adapt to the channel surface, underground culvert and other different application conditions.

Measurement performance
● Measurement range: 10L/s~10m3/s (Determination of the size of the weir tank)
● Cumulative flow: 8decimal number, full of 8 digits after the automatic zero
● Level range: 0.4~2m (from the probe bottom 0.4 meters is blind, 0.4~2 meters’ range)
● Blind area: 0.4m
● Resolution: 0.001m
● Accuracy: 5%( uncertain 1~3% with weir trough, and the measuring errors are added on 1~2%)
● Repeatability: 0.1%
● Temperature compensation: automatic temperature compensation
● Display: LCD liquid crystal display date, time, measurement value, history records, etc.
● Site sittings: completed by the transmitter button
● Analog output: isolation 4~20mA, maximum load 500Ω; output content, flow, liquid level optional
● Relay output: Single-Pole Double-Throw, each set of m3 closed once, liquid level alarm, the upper limit of the liquid level, the lower limit
● Relay capacity: AC250V 1A ;DC30V 1A
● Digit interface: RS232/RS485
Power supply
● AC power supply: 220V±10% 6W (use the instrument since the half heat for 26W)
● DC power supply: 12V±2V 120mA (DC power supply, the instrument does not have 4~20mA output and relay action)
Physical performance
● Transmitter size: 240×160×90mm
● Sensor size: Φ78×435mm
● Material: transmitter: PC sensor: ABS shell
● Sensor cable: instrument factory original 25 meters, the application can be connected to 200 meters long. If more than 200 meters, in order to explain
Environment performance
● Analog output: transmitter: IP 66 sensor: IP68
● Work temperature: environment temperature: -20℃ ~55℃

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