IDP Integrated number pH meter

·      Highly resistantdifferential import, conforming nonconforming case

·     Digital sensorimproves the anti-interference ability of the sensor. The sensor cable increasesa few hundred meters long without accuracy measurement decreaseing.

·    Numericalizationsensuous device residential room room preference, direct use after fielddisassembly, ache one point replacement maintenance time notion important.

Measurement performance

·     Measurement range:0~14.0pH0~60

·     Resolution: 0.01pH0.1

·     Accuracy: ±0.1pH

·     Repeatability:±0.1pH

·    24h draft: ±0.1pH

·     Response time: 0.5min

·     Temperature compensation: automatictemperature compensation (0~60)

·     Calibration: Bulk liquefaction, alsopossible liquid specimen, inside of the breath fighter

·     Reliability: MTBF  1440h

·     Ambient temperature: -5 ~60

·     Water sample temperature: 0 ~60(no ice)


·     Digital interface: RS485/MODBUS agreement


·     DC power supply: 9~30V

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