TENT Water quality monitoring system for Internet of things

Tengineinnovation for small sewage treatment plant, rural sewage treatment, waterquality automatic monitoring station monitoring using specially developed waterquality monitoring system in a TNET network. The system uses a modular design,set aside a strong function expansion, the need to enhance the test points orincrease the test parameters, only need to purchase a new digital sensor can besimple, don't need to buy the entire system, save a lot of re installation andcommissioning cost. The system has the function of Internet of things, you caneasily connect to the data cloud platform, users can view real-time data andhistorical data through WEB browser or mobile phone APP and monitoring andearly warning function.

Aset of TNET system, it can cover from the water inlet, biochemical pool,sedimentation tank to discharge all online analysis instrument, the testparameters including P H / O R P, conductivity, turbidity, temperature,dissolved oxygen, suspended solids concentration, COD/BOD/TOC, ammonianitrogen, nitrate nitrogen.

● More than 10 kinds of digital sensor combination;
● It is very easy to upgrade the system, plug and play;
● Centralized power supply, input voltage 85~265VAC or 24VDC;
● Digital signal output, MODBUS RTU;
● Ethernet interface, Ethernet;
● 3G/4G/GPRS wireless connection function;
● Automatic data cloud platform;
● WEB browser view;
● Mobile APP view;
● Monitoring and early warning function

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