DPD Chlorine / Total chlorine Analyzer

● Drinking water: tap water chlorination process and factory outlet, pipe, tap
● Sewage: Disinfection process of municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater and hospital wastewater treatment
● Industry: industrial circulating cooling water and cooling water more than chlorine (total) chlorine measurement

Thechlorine in chlorine (ClO-, HClO, Cl2) and chlorine(chloramines, chlorine and ammonia compounds that, in water are NH2Cl, NHCl2and NHCl3, and other derivatives of chlorine) there are two kinds of forms.Adjust the pH value of water sample to the proper range of residual chlorine,which can make the DPD become purple, analysis of the content of this colorchange can be obtained by chlorine. By adjusting the reagent, DPD2000 can alsobe used to measure the total chlorine concentration.

● Continuous or intermittent measurement - Automatic Chroma and turbidity compensation
● Sampling, mixing, color sealing process, automatic operation, short measurement cycle
● Unique mixing system, can make the sample fully mixed, high measurement accuracy
● Precision peristaltic pump control technology, so that the reagent consumption greatly reduced
● Simple operation, low maintenance, daily use can be unattended
● Self-diagnostic function, such as the lack of reagent alarm, the detection of the media sample off alarm

Measurement performance
● Measurement range: 0.02~5.00m g / L (The amount of residual chlorine or chlorine)
● Resolution: 0.0 2 ~ 1.0 0mg/L, 0.001mg/L,1.00~5.00mg/L,0.01mg/L
● Accuracy: 1.00~5.00mg/L:±5% reading or±0.03mg/L, Selection maximum value
         0.02~1.00mg/L:±5% reading or±0.005mg/L Selection maximum value  
● Minimum detection limit: 0.02mg/L
● Measurement time: 2.5min
● Calibration: factory calibration, on-site calibration
● Display: LCD display, Chinese menu
● Data storage: automatic storage function
● Site settings: completed by the transmitter button
● Analog output: isolation 0/4~20mA, maximum load 750Ω, fault state output current optional
● Relay output: 3 programmable relays can be set to alarm function and timing function
● Relay capacity: 2A, 250VAC
● Digital interface: MODBUS RS232/RS485, Profibus DP optional
Power supply
● AC power supply: 85~265VAC,50Hz/60Hz
Physical properties
● Structure: integral backplane
● Panel size: 1100X350mm
● Connection size: inlet: 1/4' Outlet:1/2'
Environmental performance
● Protection level: IP65
● Working environment: temperature 1℃ ~40℃, humidity 0~90%
● Sample flow: 150~500mL/min
● Sample pressure range: 0.2~2bar

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