FCL Chlorine Analyzer

● Monitoring the concentration of disinfectant in drinking water
● Automatic control of chlorine pool
● Electric power, hospital, etc.

Chlorine electrode belongs to the Clark type current sensor, manufactured by microelectronic technology, used for measuring water chloric acid (HOCl) concentration time. The sensor consists of a small electrochemical three electrodes, one of which is a working electrode (WE), a counter electrode (CE) and a reference electrode (RE). A method for measuring the concentration of hypochlorite (HOCl) in water is established based on the measurement of the current produced by the change of the concentration of hypochlorite in the working electrode. The working electrode WE separates the electrode surface from the analytical solution by a special layer of organic film. The temperature sensor is integrated into the sensor, which is used for temperature compensation. The measurement conditions of the sensor: the sensor must use chlorine in stirred solution (at the same time, the measuring accuracy is not high) or in the water flow through the pipeline system. If the hydration time is insufficient or energized before contact with the solution, the sensor will be affected.

● Do not use chemical reagents, cost savings;
● Do not need to adjust, maintenance workload less;
● No need to replace electrolyte and membrane, accurate measurement.

Measurement performance
● Measurement range: 0-2mg/L, 0 -5mg/L
● Resolution: 0.01mg/L
● Indication error: 0.02mg/L or ±2%
● Calibration: the factory has been calibrated on the instrument, but also on-site calibration.
● Display: display 192 x 64 pixels, can show the concentration of measured value, current time, historical data, etc.
● Data storage: automatic storage function, power failure data protection, storage, query 10 years of historical data
● Analog output: isolation 0/4~20mA, maximum load 750, fault state output current optional
● Digit output: RS485/RS232 MODBUS RTU/ MODBUS ASCII/ custom
● Relay output:3 programmable relays can be set to alarm and timing function
● Relay capacity: 2A, 220VAC
● Digit interface: MODBUS RS232/RS485, Profibus DP optional
● Locale setting: Through the transmitter button to complete
Power supply
● AC power supply: 85~265VAC,50Hz/60Hz
● Maximum power consumption: 15W
● Fuse: 2 A /220VAC
Physical property
● Material: transmitter: PC+ABS; senor: PVC
● Weight: transmitter: 1.5Kg; sensor: 0.5Kg
● Transmitter size: 270×205×100mm
● Monitor panel size: 400×550mm
● Cable: shielded cable
● Conductance: more than 50us/cm
Environmental performance
● Protection level: IP65 (transmitter) IP68 (sensor)
● Ambient temperature: transducer: -20℃ ~60℃ sensor: 0℃ ~50℃
● Medium temperature: 0℃ ~50℃
● Flow rate: typical flow rate, 0.5L/min, diameter 8mm
● Conductance: more than 50us/cm
● pH:5-9, pH low damage chlorine electrode prob

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