TRC Chlorine Analyzer

● Drinking water, swimming pool
● Sewage disposal
● Pharmaceutical, beverage
● Electric power, hospital, etc

● Imported electrode, high reliability;
● Double platinum electrode, measurable residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone
● Timely response, no two pollution problems;
● No need to replace electrolyte and diaphragm.

TRCusing electrochemical method (Ampere method), a chemical reaction occurs on theelectrode produces a current, current and analyte is proportional to theconcentration of residual chlorine/ chlorine dioxide electrode / common / ozonesensor is a dual electrode system.

TRCuses advanced double platinum constant voltage measurement principle, threeelectrode measurement system, composed of reference electrode and auxiliaryelectrode anode, the structure of the three electrode is more stable and longerworking life.

Measurement performance
● Measurement range: 0.00~2.00ppm,0.00~20.00ppm
● Resolution: 0.001ppm,0.01ppm
● Accuracy: ±2%FS
● Applicable pH range: 4~9pH
● Minimum detection limit: 0.03ppm
● Flow demand: normal 12L/h~60L/h
● Temperature compensation: PT1000 auto compensation
● Calibration: factory calibration, on-site calibration
● Display: backlit large LCM display with backlight sensor for automatic and manual backlight selection
● Data storage: automatic storage function
● Site settings: completed by the transmitter button
● Analog output: two isolated 0/4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 600Ω
● Relay output: 2 control relay output, can be set independently for high and low alarm
● Relay capacity: 5A, 250VAC
Power supply
● AC power supply:90~260VAC,50Hz
● DC power supply: DC24V±10%
Physical properties
● Machine size: 144mm×144mm×110mm(W×H×D)
● Installation: wall hanging type, disc type
Environmental performance
● Protection level: IP65
● Relative humidity: 5%~95%RH
● Operating temperature: 0 degrees ~50

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